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    March 2013 Chapter Meeting

    Date: March 19, 2013, 5:30pm – 8:00pm
    Roger Sheets - VP of Woolrich
    Dover Downs Hotel and Casino
    (Festival Buffet)
    $25.00 members/$30 non-members/$15 students
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    Many departments and organizations are required to do the same amount of work with less people, that is accomplish more with less resources.  The organizations that can increase their productivity may be able to accomplish more with less resources.  However, if an organization cannot increase their productivitiy, some tasks may not get completed - and not completing those tasks could cost the organization in the long term.

    Human Resources can play a major role in helping their organizations improve productivity, whether it be their own HR departments, other departments, or the entire organization.

    Participants will learn how an organizational development intervention that is fun, practical, and timely and then is monitored and followed up with, can significantly improve the productivity and performance of any team or group.  HR professionals will be able to utilize this process over and over again.

    Join us to see how you may add even more value to your organization.

    This presentation will include:

    *The need for continuous improvement approach in accomplishing goals and objectives

    *Why we use the team or employee involvement approach in accomplishing goals and objectives

    *Characteristics of a great team

    *Advantages and disadvantages of teams

    *What is an Organization Development intervention

    *How can HR professionals use OD interventions to increase productivity in their organizations

    *How we can instill continuous improvement throughout our organizations