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SHRM Primary Chapter Designation

    SHRM Primary Chapter Designation
    Chapter #0572 
    Chapter Name: DelMarVa SHRM

    I hereby designate the above named chapter as my primary chapter for SHRM membership coding purposes. I understand that:

    This in no way precludes membership in other chapters.

    This allows SHRM to list my membership to this chapter for reporting purposes only.

    Please type or print:

    Date _______________________

    Name ______________________________________________________________________________

    SHRM Member ID No._______________________ (You must be a current national member of the Society for Human Resource Management to complete this form.)

    Organization/Company Name:



    City _______________________________________State______Zip______________________



                                                           (Member must sign to validate)

    The purpose of the Chapter Designation Form is to make sure that you have the opportunity to demonstrate your support of the DelMarVa SHRM by designating it as your local chapter.
    Designation of a local chapter is important because National SHRM provides monetary
    support to the local chapters. This helps us keep costs and dues at a minimum for our
    members. We request all National SHRM members complete this form.

    Please return completed form to:
    DelMarVa SHRM
    PO Box 1486
    Dover, DE 19903